Battery, is a necessity for everyone that has a smartphone, hi everyone welcome back to this site, a place where you can find how can you do your daily activities, whether you already know it or not and hopefully giving you new perspectives on how can you do it again more fun. We pick our topic randomly in each post, so make sure that you check it out here regularly, and for today post we are going to talk about how to replace your smartphone battery, let’s go check it out.


Technologies are getting more advances each and everyday, entering almost on every aspects of our life, making us doing our daily activities more easier, helping us to finish it early and fast so we could do another thing in an instant. What kind of things? Well almost everything, from doing some heavy works into doing some easy one. Just take a look on the building constructions from time to time, we simply started building our houses, a place to stay just from a tree parts, branches, leafes, it just decent enough back then as long as we are protected from furious weather, stray animals and other threat.

Nowadays there are a lot of buildings made from every materials that you can found on earth, not only we can combine every piece of that material but also made a various form of buildings, we are getting more creative. Our communication tools are also changes from time to time, the cables era are being replace with wireless ones, your handphone is transforming into a cellphone and what we are calling it now as a smartphones. The differences with usual phone? Well it features a lot more than before, you are not only able to just speak with voices but also doing a video calls, browsing, chatting, and others, thank you for the internet connections.

Of course this smartphones are really helping us in various way, for example, we are getting easier getting connected with other people at anywhere and anytime, receiving every informations the world have, getting more creative and able to explore more stuff. But still, every electronic devices needs power to run it, which is in your battery, it gives your devices the power before you can do every features that your smartphone have. A battery is a practical way to store enough amount of electric power so that you could carry around your devices every where for some times.

So we can not separate our smartphone with battery, because that is where the power come from, and do not worry, every smartphone that you have bought usually already have those, and it is not sell separately. There is some lifespan of your battery though, but it really depends on how you use it. Most of the people recommended that do not wait to charge until it is empty, let it be around between 1 up to 10 percent then you charged it up, and do not use it while you are charging your smartphone, it could damage your battery cells, you could find it more on the web.


Now you know that battery is one of the most important thing that human need to keep their smartphone alive and working properly, so we have to be able to maintain it well, so it could longer your lifespan battery. Although maybe sometimes you are no longer use your smartphone because you have to change it into the recent one, the new model or any reason, still every new release of the smartphone is using battery.

But just in case that you are the most loyal one stick only into one brand or type, and your smartphone is still capable doing nowadays thing and just need to replace the battery, here is how you do it, first of all your smartphone need to have an openable back casing, because not every smartphone case could be remove easily or it could not be open at all and you must go to the store to do it. Open your back of your smartphone case it is usually just by giving it a soft pressure and slide it down, you will see some standard parts of smartphone like sim card slot, memory slot and of course the battery itself.

Remove the battery by picking it up using your finger, lift it up or tap it down, it should be easy enough to remove it, careful not to drop or scratch your smartphone, after you are able to remove that battery, replace it with the new one, just do the same step to put them back into the phone, do not forget to put the case back and make sure it is already pu properly otherwise your phone will not turn on. That is it, thank you.

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