How to make your elbow moves, what is up everybody, welcome back to our site, a place where you can find on how can you do your daily activities whether you already know it or not and maybe doing it back again in a fun way, we pick each topic randomly to be put on every post, an for today topic why don’t we try to talk about moving your elbow, let us begin.


Human body parts are very fascinating with all the functions and it’s speciality, making us having our daily activities much more easier. As a parts of our body, we are having the obligations to look it up well, treat them nicely and make it safe, guard it from something harm and dangerous. This body parts is not coming in instantly, we have to “grow” ot first on some time in a place called the womb of our mother’s. With proper nutritions and food for us when we were a kid it supposedly making us to grow strong and perfect enough when it’s time for you to be birth, and as a human you will have your arms, legs and other parts that indicates you as a normal human being.

We were born as a very small and fragiles baby with all of the body parts already on the right place but yet not sturdy enough even for ourselves to use it, it is still a very soft and gentle tissues, your bone density it’s not strong enough doing something heavy yet, it needs more nutritions and other proper food for us as a baby in order to growing up perfectly, this is one of the most crucial condition for us to having a proper supplies of foods, nutritions, calciums for our development in the future.

So yes, our body parts is made from millions of nerves, a hundred of bones structures, various tissues and other things combined each other creating a human “tools” that will┬ábe use for them doing their daily activities more easily. How can it helping us, well by being able doing some movements, gestures, able to grip, hold something, having mobility everywhere and other thing that you can not see with your eyes. Your inner organs is what keeping you alive and well from the inside, your heart and brain making that blood pumped to every part of your bodies and your brain working as computer for everything that you do.

On of the most important part of our body is your arm, both of your arms. There is a lot of things that you can do with this, either to balance your body while you are walking or running, it is also use as an extention for your hands from reaching something that is to far or to high, other purposes is making a swing while you are running so you could get a better acceleration and maybe gain more speed setting up a new record.


Your arm is consists of some several segments that together make it one of the most useful tools for us human, these parts are upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hands. So as you can see there is a lot of things that’s going on and that is just in your arm, but there is one part that make it flexible enough for us to be able doing something with this arm on our daily activities, that part is elbow, a joint that enabling us bending our arm for various purposes.

Your elbow having the one of the most crucial function for us human by making your arm to be able having a more flexible movements, with this we can make many kind of arm movements for you, such as we are able to make a blocking stances holding up both your arms up, making a beautiful gestures for those working as a models, and as a martial arts fighters using them as an alternative for doing some attack beside using your fist and many other thing that you can do with this elbow, it is depends on what situation you are having.

And how to make your elbow moves, just follow this simple steps, first of all try to find your elbow, it is between your upper arm and forearm, there some kind of joint there connecting them both together, try to feel some muscles there focus in moving that up and down first, there is some limit of your elbow movements though be sure to not forcing it or you could torn your muscles there, and that is it, you could moves your own elbow, do the same thing with your other elbow just follow it like the other one, thank you for reading how to make your elbow moves.

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