Thumb up everyone, a simpel gesture with an important meaning, hello everyone, welcome back to this website, a place where you can find on how can you do your daily activities more fun whether you already know it or not, hopefully you can do it again in a fun way, we pick our topic randomly on each post, so make sure to come and visit us regularly, and for today post we are going to talk about how can you make your thumb up, check it out.


Human being are created perfectly with every body parts they have from head to toe, having the most specific and special functions in order to make our daily life activities more easier. We are lucky having all of this for free, we have them since the day we born, well not instant though, we have to wait it “grows” inside our mother’s womb for nine months little by little and eventually created perfectly to be ready to use in real life. It tooks time to be formed correctly so be grateful and look after it well, make sure they are doing something safe far away from anything that could harm them.

Various activities that we can do because we are using them from a simple task like walking in the park up into making a rocketship flying up in the space, and that it us human who have done that, every achievements you have made is none other because we are blessed with the perfect structure of human anatomy either from the inside or outside your body and it will keep it that way for a long time. With all the complex things that what human are able to do, sometimes making us forget that we could a simple little thing too.

Automatically that our body is doing all the process that happens in our body to be working properly, you are not able to find your on and off switch buttons for everthing happened inside your body, it works everyday, every seconds, 24 hours a day seven days a week, and to be able doing such thing properly all we can do is just maintain our body by providing them a healthy and nutritious foods everyday, maybe mixing up with some vegetables regularly and add yourself some vitamins if it’s necessary because our body are not able to produce vitamins you have to provide it from the outside.

Our body parts are not only a tools for doing some physical things, but also can be use as a communication signal to other, we are able to communicate not only by talking and using our mouth but with making a simple gesture with our body parts. Well it is not really a normal communication like a normal human being, but it is more like a signal, a body language that human can do, with a simple gesture could make people understand what kind of expression that people expected from us.


There is a lot of gestures that human could make from the simple one to a much more complicated ones. The most common and most people usually does is having your thumb up. Maybe because it is an easier signal for everyone to understands, simple yet powerful, an international sign language to indicates that we are okay or good or in a perfect conditions, everything is in the correct situation. Not only that, making your thumb up could affected you physically and emotionally for yourself and others, that wonderful feeling you are having and the reaction for other people making both person involves having a positives energy.

So how can you make your thumb up, just follow this simple steps, first of all, pick your favourite hand, your left one or right one, make sure that you have all the fingers there in both of your hands, five of them from your pinky finger up into your thumb finger, got it?. After that try moving all of your fingers together close to each other until you are making a fist as like as you want to hit someone but not, after that try to move your thumb finger up, and that is it you are now making thumb up.

This gesture is usually use to expressed your situation either in work or with your emotions, for example when you are so busy that you are not able to say it with your mouth just make that thumb up and everyone will understand, or when you were in the distance so far away that it is impossible to shout so you just raise your hand and put that thumb up to your friends, and other activities like sport how often do you see a coach giving a direction to his player on the field and they answered it wit thumb up meaning they are understand with it, so that is it, hopefully you are enjoying this, thank you.

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