Shut your mouth, well that is the appropriate words for some of the people, what is up everybody, welcome back glad having you all here in this website, a place where you can find on how can you do all your daily activities whether you already know it or not and doing it again in the fun way, hopefully could entertain you and having you the more pleasant way of doing your daily activities, we pick our topic randomly in each post so be sure to check us regularly here, and for this post, we are going to talk about how to shut your mouth (or other person mouth), let’s get started everyone.


As human being created with all of the perfect body parts with all of the special functions helping us easier to do our daily activities. As we know that, it tooks us a long progress having all that parts to be working properly, it keeps growing since we were inside our mothers womb until our time to be birth and eventually growing up getting both of our physically and mentally fully developed like a normal people use to be right now.

Every parts of our human body is important and special, there is nothing to be able to compare with it, it is specifically designed with direct purposes for us human to have functionality better inside and outside, from the tiny things into the big thing that you could do and imagine. It is made not only from flesh, blood vessels, nerves, and tissues but also the soul that making us having the capability to feel, having passions, doing some thinking and other stuff that you can do with yourself and everyone else, in a good and positive way of course.

As a human being one of the most important ability for us to be recognize by other people in the society is able to communicate, this communication that normal human has to do it by making voices which what we usually called by talking. Talking is one of the most advances skills that human done from ancient time until now, some says it shows your intelligence seeing for how are you able to talk to other people, talking is the fastest way for us to express ourself knowing other people to understand us for what we want or what we are not.

Through talking we could communicate with people all around the world, but you have to learn their languages first though because if you are not, you wouldn’t understand every words they were saying, it will be a random noises for you to hear, so it is better for you learn some foreign language before talking to random people all over the world. But still, the universal way for us human to be able communicate with most of the people is by talking, and which part of your body parts to do this kind of activity, you guess it right it is your mouth.


Talking is a basic needs for everyone, it makes their life easier to be understand by other people, to express what they wanted, to share something emotionally and so on, but not everyone likes to talk, sometimes they just being polite and having some coversation together, some people are just to shy to be able to talk to other people they have not well known yet, well it is okay to have some precaution though for our own safety, but there is a time when you just have to shut your mouth.

Not everybody knows that him or her is being talked too much for entire day every day, every hour, seven days a week, because they always have something to discuss from the most important thing through the most useless one told to us, you think that you are being friendly at first but you also have to look from other people perspectives, do they want to be having a long talk right now, are they not busy with their jobs, do they need to now the stuff you are going to give, something that important to you does not mean having the same with them.

Watch the occasion that you are attending, if you are in the funeral the best thing you could do is just being silent and quiet, if you are in some one birthday try to congratulate them who are having the birthday never ever talk about yourself in someone else’s birthday party, and please do not speak in the movie theaters, it makes our concentration lost and eventually we are being able to enjoy the movies that we already being paid for it, learn to control yourself to be able to understand other people feelings and situations that is it hopefully you have some perspectives when to shut your mouth and maybe warns other people if they are talking too much, thank you.

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