Antenna is one of the important set up for your TV so you can see your channel with good quality, what is up everybody, welcome back to this website, really appreciate having your time here, a place where you can find how can you do your daily activities whether you already know it or not and do it again in a fun way, we pick each topic randomly in every post, hopefully you can enjoy it and probably giving you new informations, and for today post we are going to talk about how to set up that thing let’s get started.


Television, one of the most important inventions created by the inventors as a proof that us human are capable making almost everything that we could think of. It is a new way for people getting a an entertainment through some media, in this case is a box (start with a box). Since the first time of it’s appearance already came with the complete features that man could made in that little box, which is sounds and of course pictures, moving pictures still in black and white colour though but back then it is the most shocking invention ever.

The first design of TV was in the shape of cube, a big one, with some buttons to adjust the signal, the volumes button and the power button, and usually come with the speaker around the screen, either on the both side of it or being place below it. This revolutionary box could bring every entertainment from all over the world perfecty to your screen while you are watching it at home and have the same experience with the real events there, not only events but also news all over the world and video clip.

Television used to be the most precious thing that only certain people could have because it is so expensive, by that time it is common to see a group of people standing in front of the television store watching the show together while drinking or even eating something, but things have change now, thanks to the technology revolutions making anything faster, cheaper to almost every aspects, including television. We could get them easily with affordable prices, and having us our own entertainment unit and watching it at home instantly, now television is not only for a house only but also for each rooms in that house also.

In this era, the advances of the technologies changing rules of having an entertainment it self, we are no longer able to watch your favorite television show only on TV but also on your smartphone, on that little smartphone screen of yours, people are offers to watch programs, a pay per view of your favourite channel to be seen on your smartphone, well this is because the help of internet of course, let’s talak about that later shall we. Television though is still one of the primary needs for most of the people, with more various type either from the screen sizes or other features.


Before you could enjoy all the channels that every television companies provided for us, there is one thing that you have to do first, not only you have to own a television but also you have to set it up first at your house or other places you wanted. Usually when you bought your television it only comes with power plug, remote control, you have to buy your cable separately, what does this cable do,to connect them into the antenna in order giving you the television channels that already being broadcast.

Usually your television is able to get the local broadcast only, especially when you only using the normal antenna for it, but it does not matter at least you could test it to make sure that your television is working fine and properly, how would you do that, just follow this simple steps, first of all you have to buy a cable shaping like one that already there in the back of your television, usually it’s round, find a cable that have an end just like that, after that connect it through the antenna, there should be some kind of part which is meant to connect the cable to your television, the next part is place that antenna up on the high ground but it really depends on where you are, if there is no tall building around your house just put it on the top of your television it should be able to catch some local broadcasting, but if there is several tall building around you, try to put it on the top of your roof, the higher the place the bigger the chances of your antenna receiving good broadcasting signal, so that is it, hope you are enjoying it, see you on another post, thank you.

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