The TV, our other eyes to see the world, hi everyone welcome back to this website, a place where you can find every daily activities whether you are already know it or not, and doing it back again in the fun way, we pick our topic randomly in each post so be sure to visit us regularly, and for today topic we are going to talk about how can you turn on your television, enjoy.


Television is one of the most important inventions that human could create, indicates that human are creative and able to make things with the right materials and resources. It was created because of us human keep getting more creatives every single day, either in the entertainment business or news. Informations are always around us and some people thought that what is the best way to spread this news to all the people around the globe, they try to spread it through writing first from the newspaper, yes this “ancient” technology ruled us until now provided us with everyday writings from hottest news up into your readers thoughts, it is fascinating how someones writing could influences many readers who read it.

Newspaper affected us in various way, the readers could get emotionally feels what the writers wrote if it’s done correctly, and it is not easy to be a writer that has that big influences. Providing news through writing is not an east tasks, they have to re experienced again the moment they had, and tell it in writing to be put on the newspaper without changing the exact emotional that readers could have just by reading it, so yes it took a lot of work for this. Newspaper usually included not only by writing some paragraphs but also with pictures and images which are related to the news, so there is a combination between your paragraph and the image hopefully giving you the story that the writer wants.

Reading is one way that people could be entertained, but as a normal human being nothing is never enough including for having much and better entertainment for themselves, to be more comfort receiving the news not only reading it through writing but also with other thing combine. The TV is then invented, for making you are having a pleasant entertainment experience and other various purposes, the new era coming for them viewers and entertainer.

Have you ever watched that time when the TV was introduced first time to the public, they reactions is huge, most of them are being amaze to see an actual person moving, dancing, singing, talking making voices in that tiny little box and it still in white and black pictures. It is a more complicated process though to be able making that person showing on a TV, you needs a lot of cameras, a studio set, directors and other stuff just to make one good movie on the TV, but in the end it gives us more satisfaction than reading newspaper.


Now everyone has TV, almost every houses own their own TV, because every mall sell them in affordable prices plus other discounts and bonuses, there is a lot more types of TV now than the old days, the black and white television was over, we are no longer using the tube shape, everything shape into to LCD’s, Plasma, and other kind more modern and sophisticated, making us as the consumers able to enjoy it more comfortable not only for your eyes but also with your ears, so you will having a pleasant experiences with the display and sound.

But first what we have to do when we are having our TV, you need to turn it on not only to check that your television working properly but also has the good display and superb sound, and how can you turn on your TV, just follow this simple steps, first of all make sure that when you bought the TV from the store you have everything that are needed for your TV inside your TV box, from the cable power, remote control, or maybe the antenna connection, make sure you have it all in there.

Next thing you do is, set up your television on the place where there is comfortable enough for you to see and to heard that sound from the TV, plug the cable power and usuually there will be a red shiny thing coming up from your TV, that indicates that your TV is powered properly be careful not to get electrocuted, find that remote control and push that red button thing on your remote, aim it to the television and it will turn on eventually, now enjoy the show and let the TV giving you the entertainments you wanted, have fun.

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