Handshake for politeness, what is up everybody welcome back to this website, a place where you can find your daily activities, whether you are already know it or not, we pick our topic randomly in each post, so make sure you come and visit us regularly, and for today topic we are going to talk about making a handshake, let’s check it out.


Human being is created with a perfect body parts, not only to be carved beautifully but also have a proper functions helping us doing our daily activities easily. As a human being, we are not living alone in this world, we are living among society, with other human and therefore we have to socialize with each other, why? because we are created to be a social human being, we need to have interactions with other people in order to fulfill our daily needs, and there is also rules that we have to follow in the society in order to keep it safe and making everyone living in legal and respective ways with each other so we are all can live peacefully.

But first, how can we human getting know each other, to be comfort and having their trust and in the end could working together for a bigger outcome. Well in today’s era making friends is just one click away from hitting “add new friends” buttons, or just hit that “follow me” buttons on your laptop or your smartphone in your social media apps, just with that simple button could make you being friends with people all over the world, getting closer with your favourite artists, your shopping place, your distance cousins and others, making friends is never more easier than this, well you need internet connection though so have to spend a few bucks to have this services.

Our interactions is not again being limited by nation borders, you could learn and study other different cultures spread all over the world and putting them in one box at your home, and we thank internet for that. We become borderless people on the internet, could go everywhere without worries about have to bring your passport, travel tickets and packing your bag, meeting a new friends in other side of the world at the same time with a single click, really fascinating.

But then again there is something missing with this kind of new interactions, you are losing the touch of real human feeling, a simple button would never replace the thrill of the real human interactions. The button only making us to be connected virtually, in the internet worlds. You still need the conventional way for making a new friends and having the real connection with them, and a handshake is one them.


Why is handshake matters? Well first of all, it is telling your first impressions to your opponents or your new friends, it could make you having the good or the poor ones. Depends on what kind of impressions does you want to let your opponent knows, you could be just pretending having a mild handshake just to respect you other opponent or maybe having your firm handshake right from the beginning and let people know that you are in charge and powerful energetic person, everybody loves someone who has a positive attitudes right.

Beside that having a handshake is almost like a reflect movements create by our own body, how many times when you meeting up with your friends saying the words hello and without you realizes it you make your hand moves looking for a handshake, it is like already automatically programmed by our mind that making a handshake is a must for you everytime you meeting people. So, why don’t you follow this simple steps on how can you make your handshake more powerful.

First of all, pick your favourites hands, most people use their right hand to make a handshake but there is a few using it with their lefty, it’s not very different though in the end, after that try to make a grip movement with your hand, you know like when you gripping a baseball bat, or a tennis racket, make a movement like that but do it soft enough do not get it to hard, when you already get use to it combine it with a little swing with your whole arm, because when you do a handshake it means you have to meet another hand to grip and that means you have to make a swing close enough so you could grip another opponent hand and lock them into a handshake, and usually you will make some adjusment to it either because the difference of your heights, the hand or other, practice it with yourself, friends or someone else first, make sure you are comfortable with that handshake movements, and eventually you will make the perfect handshake, and that is it, hopefully you are enjoying this, have fun.

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