Everyone eats food right and sometimes it get stuck in our teeth, welcome back everybody to this website, a place where you can find your daily activities on how you can do it whether you are already know it or not and hopefully gives you an interesting way in doing it, we pick our topic randomly in every post so make sure you come regularly here, and for today post we are going to talk about how to remove the food that stuck on your teeth, let’s get started shall we.

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As a human being we are blessed with various of body parts that created with a special functions and purposes. Making us doing our daily activities much more easier better on each and everyday. While living your life doing your obligations to provide yourself a basic needs like income every month, you also have an obligation to treat your body correctly and healthy such as getting food to keep living. Your body is like a machine, a car that need fuels to keep moving and oil to lubricate every parts of the machine to keep it smooth when you driving it, all of that maintenances are needed to keep your car in a good and perfect conditions everytime you use it.

Just like a car which need maintenance every months or by how far the distances you are driving it, your body needs some treatment also, they need to be feed with foods everyday and also a fluids stuff to drink, an edible drink to replace the liquids coming out from your body everyday, so you wouldn’t get dehydrated and passed out. How do you now when do you need food, well being hungry is one of the sign of it that you should fill your stomach immediately otherwise maybe you could get some gastric poisoning because you miss your lunch.

Normal people consumes their foods in a common way, like putting their food getting into their stomach through their mouth first, and then they are chewing them into a small pieces that become much easier to be digest for our body and with that process the fppd we are eaten will finally go to our stomach and say there make sure that we are full for the rest of the day making you could do your daily activities normally and with more energy.

With the more advancing era of the world until today add the various foods that human can create, and for then there are more and more kinds of the food that we can eat, and this change the revolution of the food, people are no longer looking for food just as their mainly needs but also as a new entertainment, to find unique and strange food to be eaten, there are various kind of food spread all over the world and maybe we wouldn’t have the chances to try it all, yes there is some restaurants that could provided unique food from other countries, but it still taste differents from origins.

It is good for us and for them who are hobbies tasting some foods, with various food always coming up everyday, but with all of those there is something that will you never can not escape with, which is getting your food stuck on your teeth.


Yes, this is the most common thing for us the food lovers to experience this unpleasant thing, the food stuck and it is not only could bother you but also your performance with your daily jobs. So how can we remove it then, just follow this simple steps, first of all you have to be able to feel where is that food stuck, is it outside or in the inner side, because it needs different kind of handling, if it’s on the outside of your teeth take this easy steps, take a mirror try to point directly where that food went, usually just stuck between your fang, the sharp one in case you didn’t know, what you have to do is just picking it up either with your fingernail or a toothpick and be careful not to hurt your gum though, give it a little move and eventually that food will come out.

If it is your inner side then you need a little extra to get it out, usually that food stuck between your the molar, it is a little bit tricky, you could try by picking it up with your index finger and use your nail, or maybe a toothpick which one that you are more comfortable with, usually you have to feel it there is some kind of food residu there and when you pick it up you still can feel that there is a little bit left, just try getting a mouthwash just to be sure, well that is it, you can do your daily jobs again, hopefully you are enjoying this, and see you in another post, thank you.

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