Let us talking about human jaw, hi everyone welcome back to our site, a place where you can find your daily activities and how to do it, whether you are already know it or not, we pick our topic randomly in each topic hopefully you can enjoy and maybe doing it in our way just to be fun, and for today post we are going to talk about how can you moving your jaw, check it out.


Our body parts is being created in a perfect way with a superb function to help us doing our daily activities easier. Since we were born our body parts are already design to do specific purposes for us in the future, from your smallest part like your blood vessel delivering your blood all over your body, your brain as the main computer for your body to your hand and legs that make you can walk and helping you doing your daily activities easier, which each functions have a special tasks we are oblige to guard and keep it being healthy and well maintained so you could keep working on it for the rest of your life.

As a human being we are blessed with various senses that we have from the day since we were born, from your sight, your taste, your earing and others. One of the most important skills that human being have is the ability to talk, if you think about it it took us a long way for us to be able to talk properly and being understand by other people, yes we are already have a mouth since we were in our mother’s womb, but we are not able to talk yet in there, even when the time of our birth the first thing you do is cry, the doctors says that crying new born babies is the sign that the baby is in normal and healthy conditions, so it is a very good sign then.

We learn to talk since we were a baby taught by your parents, your maid, maybe your kids television show, it is not perfect at the beginning but in the end you will be able to speak properly with correct words and pronounciatiation. This is the communication that every person has all over the world through voices and words, even there are millions of language all over the world the basic tools that we are using is our mouth to make voices with words.

There is some combination though to enable us to be speaking properly, it is between your mouth, tongue, your upper lips and jaw, even your throat letting the air flow out everytime you wanted to speak, so yes it is a complicated method for our human body just to let us making noises which eventually creating a word. Speaking is a combination between all of them, coud you imagine that, just think about it when there is one that couldn’t cooperate could cause you unable to speak correct and properly.


We always focus on the mouth, but do we ever realize which part of your mouth is doing the extra works, or having the most important movement doing your daily activties, for me it’s the jaw, yes, your jaw doing the most parts of the work for your mouth, two joints and several jaw muscles make it possible to open and close the mouth, they are working together when you chew, speak or swallow. So could you imagine when your jaw didn’t working properly? How can you even speak well, or eat properly, and doing some other stuff.

Your lower jaw is the only thing that could move alone without moving the rest of your face, try it. And now how can you move your jaw especially the lower one, just follow this simple and fun steps, first of all you need to located where your mouth is (if it’s to hard for you just standing in front of the mirror, you will find it exactly right on your face below your nose) done?, the next step is feel it with your hand, both hands touch it slowly and feel your strong and well constructed jaw that you have.

Then feel the muscles on each side of your face, below your ears usually you could feel it clearly if you tighten your mouth like bitting movement and make it harder than usual, when you find that muscles on each side of your face focus on it because that is the muscles you are wanted to move, and then do it by moving it up and down slowly and carefully, reach a maximum gap and don’t over force it, because it could make your jaw hurts, and that is it, hopefully you are enjoying it and see you in another time.

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