What is up everybody, very glad having you are here reading this post, this is a place for you to know all about your daily activities, whether you are already found it out or not, we pick our topic random in every post hopefully you could enjoy it, and for today post we are going to talking about about how to make a grip, enjoy.


Our human body parts were created perfectly to do our daily activities easier, their fascinating functions that no other human being could create the same as our human body does make their more special than ever. It is not easy to replicate human body parts or human movement to another thing such as robot, and until now the researchers is still struggling making inventions to duplicate a human robot and have a proper function as the real human.

But in the medical field there is a real artificial human body parts, like an arificial heart, yes the latest invention that human can perfectly create for those whose having heart problems they had researched it for a long time though so many tests and getting perfect through each day hopefully could helpe them who are in needed. The other body parts that has also an important part is your hands, almost everything you do everyday involving your hand, from your working field to your daily activities we use our hand all the time you are waking up from the bed until you go back to bed.

There is a lot we can do with our hand, you could create various things from the most simple one to the most complicated one, for example you can use your hand from drawing pictures, make a sketch, making a blueprint for some buildings, as an expression for your dancing, to a more simple thing like picking up your nose, typing on your laptop, scratch something (which is one of the topic in here, go check it out). So basically you could making an inventions using your hand, well maybe your hand is just a tools for your idea, a tool to execute your idea in your head to make it real, but still the value of an idea is by how can you apply it in the real world not only to be keep in your head, you get the idea right, so it is a very valuable tool to make your ideas come true.


There is a lot of other things that you could do with your hand, so keep you hand safe, and now on how can we make our grip, why don’t you try to follow this steps, first of all pick your favourite hand either one, the most comfortable hand you think you have, right or left, done? After that try to slowly look at your palm hand, that is the part we are going to be focus on, your palm is the center for this movement without it you can not make this grip.

After that try to move all of your finger including your thumb coming in together with your thumb on the outside of your other finger, or in other words it is like making a fist but with different purpose, making a fist is usually correlated of doing something physical like punch somthing or some people or doing some boxing for sports, it is different than making a grip, a grip is usually use to hold something tighter like when you are playing baseball holding that bat with good grip or holding your tennis racket or when you are on a bus that moving and you have to be standing holding that pole so you would not get trip while in it also have the same reason with train or other big vehicle, some other daily activities with grip is when you are having dinner with our family and usually use the plate that you must hold the plate by gripping it and there is a lot of thing you have to grip everyday for the rest of your life. Having an emotional feeling could also make your hand unintentionally grip usually when you are anger and making a fist tighter than usual, or when you sad sometimes we also making a that it is really depends on a habit.

So there they are, there is a lot of functions with this grip either for your daily activities or for other purposes, that is how can you make a grip just follow those steps and keep practicing eventually you will find other way and other reason to do it. Just remember that when you could already master this please use it for a positive reason, not making trouble with it or something illegal, have fun and see you on another post.


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