What is up everybody and welcome again to our post, this is a place where you can find how to do your daily activities and how to do it more fun, whether if you already knew it or just found it out now. We pick random topic on each post hopefully you will enjoy it, and for today post we are going to talk about how can you wiggle your ears, let us get started.


The Ears

Today we are going to talk yet another one of the most fascinating body parts for us human being, every human being is gifted by senses since we were born. And keep being developed since we were in our womb until we are being born to the world. The main function of ears is to listen, to hear what is happening around us to complete our other important senses which is the eyes, and by combining them we have the perfect audio and video for ourselves made by your own natural body. Our ears could heard the sound frequencies between 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz, and other function besides listening is to maintain and keep the balance for our body because this organ is somehow connected with the brain’s nerve VIII which has a functions such as balancing your body and hearing.

Nature gives us not only a wonderful sceneries with a beautiful view all around the world but also the sounds of nature, how fascinating it is how can we enjoy them through the sound they create from animal, flowers, trees, the forest and the that water sound from the lake flowing from up the streams. And our capability to hear is another blessing that human can get so we can be more creative by recreating those sounds and let other people hear it too. For example people create a tools for making noises not only noises but it is meant to produce a beautiful sound, that wonderful music you have been heard right now is an example how human could revolutionize the music instrument from a simple banging stick through the tree to be electronic music tools.

And how can we make that kind of that beautiful music well it simply just a combination between how good can you hear and learning the musical note but you cannot use your musical note properly if you do not have that feeling on listening so you could say that hearing is one of the most natural talent you are having since you were born and you just need to sharpen it with music knowledge to make a great music in the future. So try to keep your ear in a good condition, keep it clean and well maintain, try to avoid foreign object which could make damage to your ear it has a very sensitive tissues that could easily broken even when you are using your finger make sure that you clean it first with soap just to make sure that it is hygiene enough.

How To Wiggle It

And now it is time for you to know how to wiggle your ears, it is not that difficult but it is not that easy though because you have to combine your muscle movement not only around your ear but also took from around your eyes and from your head, basically you need to move your muscles from front and pull it through behind until you could wiggle it. Okay then to wiggle it all you need to do is follow this steps first of all try to touch your ear touch it up until the behind of your ear that is the part you are going to wiggle.

After that as a practice put both of your hands beside your head close enough to each of your ears and pull it softly to the back and remember that is the kind of movement you are wanted to have later, why? Because not everyone could do it on the first try some of them have to practice it first to imagine how it should be moving, a little bit a awkward but it is necessary to wiggle it. Try to get as much as comfortable you can with it, find that trigger eventually you will be able to wiggle at your command.

Repeat it anytime you can so it get flexible more from time to time and eventually you will be able to wiggle your ears perfectly most people could only wiggle their ears together at the same time but maybe someday you could do it in turn and that it more challenging than the usual one, okay then that is the steps on how can you wiggle your ears hopefully you are enjoying it and keep practicing to be better and better, see you on the next topic soon, thanks.


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