What is up everybody, welcome again to dothingdaily a place where you will found about how can you do your daily activities fun, whether you have already know it or not, we will pick a random topics in every post we publish, and today we are going to talk about how to feel your heart, your heartbeat to be exact, let’s find out.


One of the most important part from our body is heart, yes, heart has the important function such as delivering our blood to entire parts of our body, to pump our blood where our body needed, and it is from head to toe, beating for 100.000 times a day pumping your blood flowing everyday, everytime for the rest of your life.

Keeping you heart healthy is not an easy tasks, you have to maintain it from every side, doing healthy habits like fitness, or working out in a gym could exercise your physics better and of course your heat better giving that heart muscle to train and healthy for a better and much improve performance doing your daily tasks everyday, pick one exercise you think you could fit the best, and not forcing it when you do it, the most important thing is that you enjoy it, beside having an exercise you should also eat right and healthy eating vegetables and fruits, avoid them food with much grease and fat, with today’s era of fast food you have to choose wisely not only lookng for what is the best food for your body but also which one is more healthier, do not only look something that is tasty for your tounge but also make sure it is healthy for your whole body, how many heart attack does occured and caused by that fat surrounding your heart, eating bad food could also affected your blood thickness which could provide problems for your heart giving it pump your blood harder than usual, so the best thing what we could do is to control of what we eat for your health.

A normal human heartbeat is around 50-70 times per minute, there is some research says that if someone pulse is more than 76 time per minute that person is having a risk of getting a heart attack much higher. So how what kind of activities that could affected our heartbeat, well almost everything actually, for instance your heartbeat could be faster when you are doing sports, having some drugs, drink coffee, or having fever, your age could also affected this kids and adults usually are differents, the sudden changing temperatures, the positions of your body while sitting or standing, your emotions when you are having stress, anxiety, happy or sad and others.

Your heart beating since you were born and it is automatically done by our body, it is part of the services you get for free, it works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and your only job is to keep your heart working well and good for life, it shoudn’t be that hard right. So how can we feel our heartbeat, well just follow this steps, first of all you have to find where your heart is, usually it’s in the left side of your chest, beneath your chest, so if you find your heart elsewhere i suggest you go to a doctor and having them replace to the right position, or maybe you are an alien, this topic is for human being only !!!, okay back to the topic, slightly you will see that your chest is moving up and down because of your heartbeat, try put your hand on the top of it and you could feel your heartbeat there or if it’s not try giving a little pressure there until you find the beat. Another way to do it is putting your finger through your wrist, usually is the left one, try to put your finger there and you will feel like your skin moving up and down, that is your heart beat, do not give a pressure to much it will hurt your wrist then. The other body parts you could check is your neck a little closer to your throat a little much harder to feel than other but if you could focus and put your finger there you will feel that hearbeat also.

Another way is by some kind of meditation, you know you have to find yourself a quiet, find your peace, usually by closing your eyes and clearing your head, make it empty for a while, some says you could hear your heart beat in this way, not just that, you coud also start relaxing, and find your new spirit by doing this, you can feel you blood streaming through entire your body, but be careful not getting sleep there, it will be useless, so that is it on how can you feel your heart beat, have fun and see you in another time.

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