What is up, hello to you all, welcome to dothingdaily, a place where you can find your daily activities here and do it over more fun, whether you already knew it or just find it out here, or maybe you are not aware on how to do it the fun way, we will pick our topic randomly in every post, and hopefully you are enjoying it, and for today topic we are going to discuss how to pinch, let us get started.hand-149680_640 (Mobile)

As a human being, we are blessed with having a very unique and useful human body parts, such as your hands and finger, which very helpful for us doing our daily activities every single day, and luckily for us having these hands since we were born, two of them with 5 fingers on each hand. As i mention before that our hands is very useful, there is a lot of stuff for what we can do with it, from little stuff to a bigger one. Let us say, when we were just a baby, what is the first thing that your parents remembered from you as a baby, beside being born of course, and because as a baby we couldn’t see very well after a few weeks, the touch of your baby hands, the baby finger holding on tightly through your dad or mom’s finger is the next thing they remembered, you hold them very tight with that little fingers as like as you excited to have them as your parents, it is a very emotional feelings that you and your parents had just being touch by your tiny hands.

As we grow up, we learn to walk, well maybe to crawl first, and guest what, your hand doing the most work while you are learning how to walk, by crawling you are not only use your leg but also your hand on the ground and use them to move from one place to another one, from point A to point B, you will fell but it never stop you from try and do it again, and when you could crawling properly, you began to stand up by yourself, hanging on to the wall, to the fence, anything that make you could stand on your own two feet and guess which body part who helped you before you could make on your own, you guess it right your hands, by holding of when you fall down or getting balance while you keep learning how to walk properly until you could do it on your own.

So yes, your hand have a very important role for your entire life, from the time you are waking up from the bed while you are streching your body or maybe to covering your yawn either to keep other objects coming into your mouth or just being polite to each other, giving a code with your friends using your hand because you couldn’t say it at that time, giving some impression with your finger either it is a positive or negative one by moving your thumb up or down.

Well there s another thing you could do with your hand, which is pinching, why do we need to pinch, there is a few reasons, such as when you are already super tired but you still need to finish your deadline tomorrow and the coffee didn’t work you could always pinch yourself, to your hands or your stomach, or any body parts that could make you keep waking up, pich it hard enough but don’t let it hurt you so much, or picking up some small food that your utensils could not do it, or just messing around with your friends by pinching them skin, not to hard though.

How we do it, well you could follow this steps, first of all you have to pick which is your favourite hand, left one or right one, it will affected you later on which one will more often you use and make it more powerful, after you choose it, try making your index finger and your thumb meet each other, strech them as far as you can, and when it do just touch them together, and give it a pressure as hard as you can, try it to yourself first to find out how hurt can it be to yourself so you would not have to do it to anyone else, try pinch your skins, and moving to a much harder objects like metal, wood, rubber, and other stuff, you will find it that different objects need a different kind of pinching and much more pressure on it, you could do this anytime you want and maybe try to combine not only between your index finger and the thumb but also another finger for variations, that is it for now, see you on another post.

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