What is up, welcome to dothingdaily, a place where you could find out how to do your daily small or big things in a fun way, whether you are already knew it or haven’t, it gives you the information you needed on how to do it, and in this post we are going to do how to scratch your itchy skins, happy scratching fellas !!!.

There is a time when we are really enjoying our daily activities, your everyday jobs, or perhaps the most time that everyone enjoy, the holiday time, when you are free from every tasks, every deadline, you can just go to a vacation or just sitting at home and being a couch potato all day long, yep trully your choices, enjoying with almost nothing can distract between you and your holiday…yet. When suddenly, there is funny feeling, the tingling thing that you felt on your skin, not very annoying at first but it is getting irritated you when that thing is never ends and bugging you even when you are trying to sleep, we called it itch, or itchy, that annoying itch that would last a whole day, or even a weeks, months or the worst one, it just come and go whenever they like. Well depends on what kind of the itchy type you have, if it’s already caused by some kind of dangerous chemicals, or a bite from sick animals you should really see a doctors do not wait it up until it get worse.

We are talking about the common itch, the itch that coming suddenly without warning, serously like even when you are already done some cleaning with your clothes, your pillows, your blanket and others, there is always that itch which come from nowhere, just like now when i’m typing this post. Itch can come from everywhere, more specifically come from something less clean or dirty, you know like dirty clothes, blanket, and so on, or come from a dust from something you are not cleaning it from a long time, the dust coming from your DVD Player, or Blue Ray Player, from your gaming consoles, even in your car, the dust will always there, many people have allergic to dust, it could affect them in many ways, from small cough to suffocate, more troubles than getting itchy (even usually you will get itch around your smelling sensor like nose and mouth).

Every parts of our body could get itch, from your top of your head to your leg, the worst part is when you get itch on the sensitive part like your eyes or the place you cannot reach without third party tools like inside your ears or nose, you need to be careful with that tools. The most common thing that we can do when we get itchy is scratching, yes scratching is the first thing we do, a reflex that our brain ordered through our hands (finger) to be on that itchy place that you have, and scratch it until it is gone.

How to do this scratching? Well you could do a few steps to do this, the most common one is your scratching is already automatically happens like an instant in your subconscious, you only realizes it when your finger do the scratching on the itchy part the next thing you do is moving your finger either up and down or sideways any way that make your itch goes away and usually has the fast tempo for 1-2 seconds top untill that itch gone. Other thing you can do is letting your emotions while doing scratching, like when you are feeling angry, your scratching is getting faster than usual, and add some extra pressure through it make it more rough but do not let your anger control this too long, you could hurt your skin and make it bleed. The next thing is a curious scratch, it like why you had that itch, when did you get it, why, and by what object, we scratch it for sometimes and stop just to see whether the itch is off or still there, we count how many times we scratch our skin, how fast, how long, until your itch is gone, you could take a note while doing that, and hopefully found the right formula for scratching.

There is alternatives if the scratching did not go as you are expected and didn’t make the itch gone, you could go to a doctor or someone who has expertise on skins and ask them what kind of medicine that is fit for your itchy, either it could be a drugs or maybe just an outer medicine to be put on your skin and not ment to be eaten. Well there you go, there is various way to scratch your itch, see you again on the next dothingdaily stuff.

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