What is up people, welcome to dothingdaily, a place where you could found how to do your daily activities much fun whether you already knew it or not, we pick a random topick for each posts so be sure to come and visit us anytime you want, and for today topics we will talking about how to moving your nose, let us start. Every human being has a nose, you have the little nose, the sharper one, or big nose and other kind of nose, what is the function of it, well as far as i know it has special function Read more [...]


What is up, welcome to dothingdaily, a place where you could find out how to do your daily small or big things in a fun way, whether you are already knew it or haven't, it gives you the information you needed on how to do it, and in this post we are going to do how to scratch your itchy skins, happy scratching fellas !!!. There is a time when we are really enjoying our daily activities, your everyday jobs, or perhaps the most time that everyone enjoy, the holiday time, when you are free from every Read more [...]


What is up, welcome to dothingdaily, a site that will help you to do your usually thing do in a daily life. There is a lot of activities that you are usually doing whether you are doing it on purpose or not, from little things to a big thing, either because you are too busy to think of it or it's just automatically happened, this site will randomly pick a topic which could be interesting for you (or not), because it is random, let us just started will you. Eyes, one of the most important body parts Read more [...]

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