Thumb down, just because there is nothing perfect in this world, what is up everybody welcome back to this web, a place where you can find how can you do your daily activities whether you already know it or not and hopefully you can do it again in a fun way, we pick our topic randomly in each post, and for today post we are going to talk about how can you make your thumb down. Let’s go and check it out.


As a human being we are created with the perfect tools which came naturally since the day we are born to this world. Our body parts that have a very useful functions for us to do our daily activities easily, helping us to do more creative work and making innovations each and every day for the better living for us human. From your head to your toe, everything is made and perfectly formed within time so eventually you can do your activities from the lightest movement up to the hardest you can make (do not force it too much though or you may injured yourself), that is showing us on how precious your body parts are.

Human tends to keep making new inventions through time, either driven by their curiosity or another motives, both of this reasons just showing us how can human are capable doing almost the most impossible thing with enough resources, time and chances. But how can we make that inventions, is it something that coming up suddenly or just our nature as human being, or there need to be something to trigger it. There are various reasons for us to do that thing and everything is just right as long as you use it in positive way and making you to be a better person in the future.

This creative innovations, the new inventions we have is none other caused by the combination between our creative thinking and the physically tools that able to create what is happening in our head bring it in into the reality. So yes this combination is making our inventions more great and powerful. Why should we do this? Well if you could try anything with it why don’t you trying something good right. Making us prepare with everything that will come to us so we can handle them better and get the good result.


Everything that coming to us is not always a good and pleasant thing, sometimes we have to deal with a bitter experiences sometimes in our daily life. But that is life, there is up and down in each moment, the good thing is not everything is last forever right. It is not a pleasant thing to having with but it is not something that we could not overcome, time will show you how thing (bad thing) could change into something beautiful and eventually worth to had that one for your living experience and a story to be told later in the future.

Of course we are not hoping for something get into an unpleasant situation, we are all planning to get everything right and done, giving us the best result that we have always wanted. But you also have to prepare for the worse situation, because not every plans could works perfectly, various factors that we could not calculated perfectly could affected the outcome that we have been planned to, and when it happens at least you already prepared with backup plan. Although the result is not quite as we are hoping for, still you have finished it and there is always time to fix it in another chances later.

People around you usually aware when you are having an unpleasant day, especially your closest person, eventhough you are not talking they will see your body language, giving them signal, an unusual one, and while in that condition we are not in the mood for talking, so we just giving a gesture that expressly said “not good” which is making your thumb down. This is an international signal language for saying something is not good, bad one, or not recommended, how can we make this thumb down, just follow this simple steps.

First of all, have you read in this post about how can you make your thumb up? If you haven’t, try to have a sneak peek on that post, it is not that different from that, you find your hand, make a grip with all of your fingers, and let your thumb come up separate it from the grip, but this time do not point it up instead point it down, there you are that is the position of a thumb down, use it when you are not having a good day and not in a talking mode, hurry up and get back into a happy mood though, thank you.

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