Toe, one of the human body parts that you could have since you were born, what is up everybody welcome back to this web, a place where you can find how can you do every daily activities, whether you already know it or not and maybe you want to do it again in a fun way, we pick our topic randomly for each post, so make sure you check it out regularlym and for this post we are going to talk about how can you moves your toe, let us begin.

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Human body parts are amazing, with it’s special form and specific functions for every each one of them. Not only that we are already have this since the day we were born, not instantly though we have to wait, growing out together with everything inside our womb, with a healthy nutritions, proper foods (vegetables and fruits) given to us eventually making all the body parts to be grown perfectly on the time for us to be birth, so it is not an instant thing that we got from the beginning but a process, a long and worthy process in order for us helping our everyday activities more easier.

This particular parts and special functions of our body form is what make us human, human. Humans are able to do thinking process but in order to create for what is inside our head we need other tools to help us making that idea to be come true. From this we can see that, there is a collaboration with them, the physical parts and the human mind both together create a combination in order to make that idea come true, what we called as inventions, this is the result from complicated combination between your mind and physical body parts.

So yes, there is mutual relations between both of them that we either realize it or not, your brain acts as the commanding officer, ordering all of your nerves system to do what you wanted from the simple things that you never put your attention for, up into the biggest thing that you aware that you can control it by will. Most of our body activities are working automatically, your pumping heart, your breathing, and stuff this is what makes us human alive biologically, not only that we are provided with protection inside if there is foreign objects coming to our body.

From your head to your toe everything that attached is having their own unique and special functions, so that is not just some pretty accessories for us. With each and every special functions of it does it means that our body parts could only doing on one thing specially purposed for us, well that is not exactly true, for an instance, we all know that our hand is mostly used for everyday activities in our life such as gripping something, pick up some thing, throwing stuff making a handshake and other kind of gestures on our upper body.

But the wonderful thing about being human being is that we can push our limit, meaning that you can try and do other thing that we have never been done before, like using your hand for another unique and not common purposes, for exampe your could see how a breakdancer using all of their body parts and mixing it doing some spin with our body part that is not common or mention to do it, like a handstand movement where they are using their hands to make a standing move, a move that most people use their leg to do it.


Your leg is one of the most ancient tools that human had for a long time, we use it for our mobility, moving from one place to another one either by walking or running. Beside that our leg supported our upper body for any activities you do it strong enough for us to standing with all the weight we have, it is strong and durable enough helping us doing our daily activities easier. What orther parts that is attached to our leg, toe is one of them, this parts is not only making us more pretty to look but also helping us while walking, running, and swimming.

How can we make our toe moves, just follow this simple steps, first of all find your toe it is located in your foot, it is a fingers for your foot that is your toe. Try to focus on that muscles and little bones in your toe and moving it, maybe try to move your thumb toe first because it is the easiest one, and then try to do the same thing with others, it will make your standing more sturdier, but becareful not to hit that toe to the drawer, it will hurts so bad, so that is it how can you move your toe, thank you.

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