Knee is one of the most important body parts that human could have, what is up everyone, welcome back, thank you for making your time visiting us, a place where you can find your daily actvities and how to do it more fun, either you have already knew it or not, hopefully could gives you some useful information and doing it again in a fun way, we pick each topic randomly and for today post we are going to talk about how to make your knee moving, let’s go check it out.


Hello everyone, as a human being we are created not only with the ability to think but also having the passion, which helping us doing our daily activities more alives. Not only that, human being is gifted with perfectly attached body parts that we can use as a tools doing everyday activities more easier. A nature tools that no other creatures could have it, from your head to your toe, with each one of them making specific functions for us to be able living properly whether it is inside our body or outside that keeping us living alive and healthy for a long time.

Every body parts of human being is important and valuable, with every each  parts of it having their own functionality designated since we were born ready to deal what will happens to you everyday. Not only we can use our body parts as a tools for doing everyday routine but also making something creative from it, for example, you can do some gestures either a simple one or more advance one or like what we called dancing. Dancing is one of the most ancient creativity that human ever created, there is a lot of history facts that our ancestors use to dance for various reason.

It began with a simple move back then and getting more advances from time to time, until this day, people are being more creative with it and even classified them into thousand even millions type of dancing, why don’t you try to name all of it. Not only that, dancing is not only how can make your upper body moves but how can you make all parts of your body moves making a fascinating dance for everyone else to see, and as we know it these day you can see the most impossible dancing that human body could make.

How about the simple one, we are all know that not everyone can dance very well, they can make their body move but not dancing, how about that body part that makes you could go anywhere, that is right your legs. Your legs is also one of the most important part from your body, it is the basic tools that human can use reaching from one place to other places. Long time ago, before we use various transportation like today, our ancestors use their feet, walk moving around from one place to another one, either to find a better place to stay or other reason.

A messenger must run so fast to bring the message to other kingdom delivering them as fast as they can so the enemies couldn’t stop them to discover what’s inside. So yes, your leg is one of the most heavy use for us human, they function is not only to support for our upper body but also for our natural tools of mobility. Some type of the jobs requires your leg to be beautiful, either from the length, shape, and other, usually it for them who wants to be a model or supermodel, walking on the catwalk.


We can not talk about leg without bringing the knee, how much beautiful, or muscular your leg are if you can not moving it properly it will be ridiculous, why knee? Well for most of the part because with it we can make our leg swing to front and back and create the way on how we walk, run, jump and other activities. We can either make our walking more graceful or more manly just doing some adjustment start from the knee, and how can we doing it, just follow this simple steps.

First of all you need to find your knees, usually it is located right below your thigh, that one part separate your thigh and the calf with other body parts below, that is your knee. The largest joint in the body, which acts as a hinge that allow your lower leg and foot to swing easily forward or back as you walk, run, jump, or kick. Try focusing moving on that part but be careful though do not overdoing it, an extreme wobble could damage it and you would not be able to do your activity from your lower leg for sometimes, so that is it, hopefully you are enjoying this, have fun.


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