What is up everybody, welcome back to our website, a place for you to find your daily activities and how to do it more fun, whether you already know it or not, we will pick random topic in each post hopefully you will enjoy it, and for this post we are going to talk about how to move your neck to the left and to the right, check it out.


As a human being we are blessed by having the most unique and fascinating body parts, not only beautiful too look but also very functionable either to do your daily activities or having something else. Every parts of your body is important but there is one which control everything and it is all inside your head, as a headquaters for your body to function properly. It controls your nerves, your body movements, giving orders to pump your blood all over the place, see how fascinating how the most fragile, soft and sensitive thing could giving orders for our body as a whole, with thousands even millions of nerves being connected all together through our brains which control from the most little movement to a the most complicated one.

Beside your head, there is a another body parts that is as much as important as your head, your neck for instance, your head is the core for your body to be function properly, but your neck also has the important role, which is to supports the head and that is houses arteries that supply blood to the brain from the heart, as the brain working as the central base for our body if it does not get much blood could make your body to be malfunction, the pair of arteries connected to the brain is located in canals inside the neck vertebrae, so you could see how important this body part is for us.

Our neck is just flex enough for us to moving our head around, with every important senses located on our head having some movement is making us more efficient while doing something, when you are eating some cereals or other usually people use their hands to pick it up to your mouth, in some conditions when you can not move your hand correctly to your mouth sometimes we move our head towards the hand holding that food, and which body parts make that movement, yes your neck. It is also flexible enough to avoid something getting thrown at you, for an instance while you are playing any sports, let’s say basketball sometimes your team mates doesn’t do pass so well and heading directly to your head, you will avoid it by reflex by moving your head avoiding the ball, and which one doing that your neck of course.


Stretching your neck could also give you some reliefs, to release your muscle tensions around your head, some people just stretch their neck or getting an extra stretch with their hands helping, but it is still uncertain though that not everyone enjoying their neck getting strectched out, so do it with your own risk, beside this post is going to talk about how to moving your neck not stretch it.

How do you move it then, just follow this simple steps, first of all you have to realize that the part of your body that you are going to be moving is below your head, although you can not see it with your eyes directly believe me it is there, everyone can feel it, or just to make sure you are having it just take a look in the mirror, below your head not to far from it, after that try to feel your muscle around it, do not get it wrong by moving your shoulders (it will be explain in another post), what we are doing is connected with your head not your arms so try to focus, when you already found it just try it slowly move your neck to the left side and when you get use to it try moving it to the right side, do it slowly and carefuly so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

This movement is necessary either for avoid something coming through directly to your face or to make a simple gesture to anybody, for example when you are in the distance and want to signal somebody with disagree confirmation you just move it to the left and right fast enough to the person to understand this is an international signal language for no or denial or disagreement, maybe some other times you are having an agreement and want them to know without saying a words so you just moving your head up and down, congratulations you just learn an international signal language of yes or agreement, well that is all for today post, see you in another time.


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