What is up everybody, welcome to our site, in this place you are going to find out how to do your daily thing more fun, whether you have already know it or not, we pick our topic randomly in each post, so make sure you checking our post regularly, and in today post we are going to talk about how can you make your eyebrows moves, let’s get started.eyes-149670_640

As a human being, we are blessed having such a wonderful body parts, we are able to do so many things with them make it easier to do our activities everyday. We are able to make an innovation and be more creative better with it, we combined our senses with the special function of our body parts, creating a harmony so we could keep making a better innovations ahead. The most important parts that human have is mostly located in upper body up until your head.Your head are not only contains the most precious that human could have but also have all the essential senses there, such as sight, hearing, taste and so on. Your head is basically a central command for for any movement you have with your body parts do not let it get hurt either from the inside or outside.

But what else can we see from your head? The combination of other body parts create a such beautiful to look at, your eyes, nose, mouth, and other thing that attach to your head create a face, yes without any of that there will be nothing to look at, maybe it just a flat one then. You already have the beautiful face since you were born and eventually you will learn how to make it more beautiful when you are getting mature, especially the girls who are eagerly to be a woman.

There is a lot of unique parts on your face, but let us focus on one first for this topic, the most pretty thing that we could look on your face is your eyes, there is a lot of different eyecolour in this world, start with brown, blue, green, and others, it is already beautiful and combine it with the eyebrows, it will become more gorgeous. Yes, an eyebrow could affected on how you look, your face will even have more unique sense for them who see you directly, and make them stunned more than ever. That one thing that your eyes can do.

But we often forgot the important function of the eyebrows, when people said your eyes is pretty they all also talking about your eyebrow, you can not separate them it is a whole things that make your eyes beautiful. Your eyebrow also have special function for your eyes not only to make them more pretty but also prevent your sweat dropping directly to your eye so you would not get hurt and making them irritates, a red eye is not a pleasant experience for you and maybe could affect other people look at you.

You could always make your eyebrows more prettier by adding some make up, make it thick black or trim it shape it in a various way you always wanted, just make sure that it fit with the shape of your face and make you look funny or weird, try ask them who are expert with it.


And now for the step you needed to moving youe eyebrows is, first of all try to blink normally, blink your eyes together and try to do it one at a time, you can feel that everytime you blink it seems that your eyebrow also move up and down, check it out by standing in front of the mirror, either with both of your eyes or just one of them, that is the movement you are looking for but now do it just for the eyebrow, do not let yourself blink, it is like doing a blink without blinking, you just need the movement and make your eyebrow move not your eyes, try to move some muscle on your forehead also it make it easier to do this for the eyebrows, keep practicing until you have a good movement.

Eventually when you are already mastered moving your eyebrows up and down, you could control it not in the same time, try just moving your left eyebrow or maybe the right one, you can use this for find train your expressions, especially when you are an actor, this movement is very important a single eyebrow movement could affected the audience, could determine whether the person is sad or happy, and the most important thing is to determine if he or she is a good actor or actress or not, so that is it for today, enjoy moving your eyebrows.

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