What is up everybody, thank you for visiting us, this is place where you can find everything you are doing everyday, whether you are already knew it or not, and do it again in a fun way, each topics we have is choose randomly and hopefully fit with what you need, and for this post we are going to talk about how to point your finger, enjoy.designate-427537_640

One of the most important body parts human have is hands, why? As a human being, we are not only doing a verbal activities but also doing an interractions with our body parts, the non verbal communications, some says that this non verbal communication is more “honest” and describing us as the more real person you really are. Because we almost could not control the movement of this non verbal communication, it is like a reflects, a sudden move that we are not aware why are we doing it, from the expression of our face, gesture, eye contact, and everything else that connect with our body could “say” something to other people we see, really fascinating isn’t, it could affected between you and the people you meet at working place, school, college, with your wife or your parents, surely you have been in an that awkward condition either you are the one who is being akward or the other people you are having talked with, and surely it does not making a pleasant impressions.

Well you can always practice this by seeing another people and socializing more, and eventually you will get your most comfortable attitude towards each other, don’t be shy but also do not be over confidence, just maintain your behaviour depends on the time, place and events, and you will find your body language doing the right gesture for you in no time. So, from all of the gesture you can do, why you should try to point your finger, well there is some reasons though, such as when you are in a crowded place and you are being separated with your friends, let us say you are on the second floor and your buddies is on the first floor, a place with so a music so loud that it is not possible for you to shout or scream to let your friend aware of you on the second floor and let’s say say that your phone and your buddies phone is on silent mode so you couldn’t call or text him because he wouldn’t notice, what can you do? Well you could point your finger through your buddies and expect someone beside him notice that you are pointing at him and eventually will let your buddies know that he is being pointed by you and will meet you on the second floor, or when you have a lot of friends and forgot their names so you have to ask someone to what is his name by pointing to the person you are mention, other functions is to let you know whether something is in the hot or cold temperature by touching it usually you will make a pointing gesture by your finger and start touching it with the tips of your finger so you wouldn’t get hurt and avoiding getting burned or cold to much in your entire body parts, but maybe other people is using the whole hand to touch or check the temperature or maybe with their other body parts like their feet maybe. Other function is usually to make a confirmation, usually as a no sign, like when you are forbid your friends not to do something and you just point your finger up and waving it to the left and right signaling the no sign.

So how can you do this pointing by your finger, well just follow this few steps, firts of all pick your favourites hands and finger, which one is you are usually use the most the right or the left one, make sure that your fingernails is being cut properly just to be hygiene, after that look at your palm and try to close it together with all your fingers covering each other, or in another words make a fist pretend like you will hit someone with that, after making a fist, the next thing you do is make your index finger going up separate it from other fingers that making fist, and when you done it, congratulations you are pointing with your finger, you could try any variations though try it with your thumb or your pinkie, but maybe most people wouldn’t understand with it, index finger is the most common thing that people usually know, it is an international gestures in the world, so that is it on how to point your finger, use it well and wisely, see you on another post soon.

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