What is up people, welcome to dothingdaily, a place where you could found how to do your daily activities much fun whether you already knew it or not, we pick a random topick for each posts so be sure to come and visit us anytime you want, and for today topics we will talking about how to moving your nose, let us start.


Every human being has a nose, you have the little nose, the sharper one, or big nose and other kind of nose, what is the function of it, well as far as i know it has special function to smell, yes any smell that come from various kind of stuff like machines, food, animals, and others and of course it has the important function as well, which is breathing, a tool that make us breathing naturally and normally from the early beginning birth of mankind, we breathe in and breathe out with this nose to fill our lungs with oxygen to live, the air that we breathe is being filtered from the strange objects by the small hair inside your nose so there would not be any dangerous objects getting into your body, some says that it is prevents viruses coming through your body, so maybe to make our lungs to working in a good conditions.

Beside having to get oxygen for your body, your nose also have to smell any objects, it is one of the most important senses for us human to have, and also came since the first day we born, why is this important, well could you imagine if you do not have smelling senses, how can you know that there is a fire in your house you can smell the smoke first or how can you tell that the ingredients for your food is good or bad, one of the thing you can do to check is by smelling them, which one is already rotten and would not appropriate to be eaten. Maybe to smell your own body to check if you already have a good smell or a bad one, you know when you are hanging out with your friends or around your co workers when your smell is not good enough for them or the opposite when you smell other people badly how can we now that if we do not have that smelling senses, that little embarrassed feeling you have for not having a proper body smell.

Smelling something could also affected us emotionally, gives us that happy, sad, or remembered us for some moments we had before, such as that smell of the new money or the smell of the new books or novels, new clothes, new car and sometimes brought us the memories back by smelling other people perfumes, that delicious food, or the smell of the the ocean, it really has a powerful impact for us, for ourselves just by smelling something, but do not try smelling other person with your initiative they would not like it and maybe will punch you in the face, just don’t.

With various functions of the nose, there is one unique thing you can do in purpose by yourself, which is moving your nose so it looks bigger, actually not the whole nose but just that the skin around both of your nose holes, and how can you do that, well let us follow this steps, first of all you have know that you have the nose completely located below your eyes, did you find it, good, now you probably would not be able to do this at the first try but with practices and time you should be able to do it in no time, usually what we do is only try by moving that little muscle around your nose and try to move it, it like moving it up and down but with your nose, try to concentrate and focus doing it, maybe probably try use your finger and put it in your nostril and position it where will it move and let it be your guide for your muscle movements, try it in front of the mirror it will getting you much easier to do it, look funny but it is more effective.

When you already have the ability moving your nose by yourself, what you need is keep practicing everyday, and at anytime you can, just to get your muscle get use to it so you could control it anytime you want, and eventually it will act automatically just like when you like moving your finger with your command of course, it is fun to do it use for joking around with your friends, or when you are in a family gathering, usually they will curious and try to follow you and making funny faces while doing it, so that is it, see you in another post.

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