What is up, welcome to dothingdaily, a site that will help you to do your usually thing do in a daily life. There is a lot of activities that you are usually doing whether you are doing it on purpose or not, from little things to a big thing, either because you are too busy to think of it or it’s just automatically happened, this site will randomly pick a topic which could be interesting for you (or not), because it is random, let us just started will you.eye-149673_640 (Mobile)

Eyes, one of the most important body parts from our body, the window for ourselves to look through the world and it’s creations, a “tools” for you to see the magnificent of the world beyond, with the best pixels that ever been created for human being could ever imagine better than any latest cameras in the world and one of the most precious body parts you could ever have. With tons of functions, it is very important to guard and maintenance it with caution, because your eyes is very fragile, a very soft tissue inside your head, how can we protect it either from inside or from outside environtment for our precious eyes.

How to maintenance it from inside, well one of the many ways is by eating healthy food, yes, the healthy food, most common advices that is try eating carrots, with addition eating any kind of fruits would also have the same benefits as the carrots, eat them regularly and try adding some various of vegetables to keep your body healthy also, and while doing some jobs don not get to close to your computer, take a minimum distance between your eyes and your computer screen, same condition when you are watching television, take a safe distance to watch them not to close yet not to far, with advance features that television has nowadays like 3D television, Smart TV, HDTV, Curve and so on, maybe keeping your distance between you and your television is not enough, you have to set your TV setting as well from brightness, lighting and so on, more challenges for your eyes, most common damage your eyes could have is getting a minus, especially in this kind of era, where technologies are everywhere, screen is not only on your computer or television screen but also on your cellphone, your smartphone, even your smartphone has the better screen resolution than your television, and of course make your eyes having extra work to use it everyday.

Just like our car or motorcycle, our eyes need some maintenance, resting a little bit for your eyes by closing and give it a little massage could relaxing your eyes, moving it around up and down sideways is like giving a good stretch for them, so your eyes don’t get too tired. Beside that, there is your eyelid, which come as one package with your eyes, it basically has a function as your eyes guardians, protect your eyes every night and day, 24 hours and 7 days, working for free and never complain, with auto features able to close by itself if there is some danger that could damage your eyes, actually it is not only physical danger, with sudden increase in lighting intensity could be dagerous for your eyes, and therefore your eyelid will do it’s function so your eyeballs will always in good conditions.

Something you should avoid though is do not scratch your eyes with your finger, why? Because our hands is not always clean, mostly of what we are doing will involved with our hands, and there will be a lot of bacteries in our hand which could spread any kind of diseases with our eyes, you could have a little irritation to a serious conditions with your eyes, it’s soft tissues makes it really sensitive if there is an objects touch with it, so make sure you wash your hands first before you getting in touch with your eyes.

Your eyelid is automatically moving by itself, well your nerves in your brain move it actually without us realizing it, it is basically one of the important and necessary movement made to protect our body parts, some research says that we could blinks 28.000 times in a day, fortunately there is still time for us to rest and went to bed, so your eyelid could also well rested for doing the same thing which is blinking everyday for the rest of your life.

So if you are ever wonder how to make your eyelid move, just follow this simple step first of all feel it that you have an eyelid attach to your eyes, and then just lift it up with your muscle eyes up and down, you could do it together or one at a time, that is it, enjoy blinking your eyes everyday.

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